rémy brauneisen, photographer

Temps danse  takes us on a journey through the past. In their ability to express an aesthetic emotion or feeling, dancers are the vehicle for carrying our imagination through physical and temporal space.

The dancers guide us through a timeless universe which is given material form in major works of Alsatian architecture. Timeless because no extraneous element is allowed to tell us where we are within a period extending from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. Such masterpieces fascinate by their beauty, the rich detail or purity of their lines and their powerful presence or inhuman scale. These symbols of our cultural legacy invite our admiration and respect, while the grace and elegance of the dancers’ gestures render their own special homage.


Our journey continues and finally finishes in a period we can recognize as our own  in which the trend is towards the worldly, the ephemeral and the superficial. Certain  characteristics of consumer society are suggested, either by recognizable trademarks of contemporary society or by examples of industrial architecture. The latter are today’s true cathedrals, but in vivid contrast to the longer-lasting architectural edifices, some of these buildings were erected only a few decades ago but are neglected and abandoned today.


The social, modestly humanist, message is highlighted by the striking contrasts between the dancers and the physical dimension in which they move, and also the time dimension through which they pass.



The dancers

Marion, Marie, Anne-Laure, Mélissa, Géraldine, Yvanie, Nytia and Sarah follow their education in classes with a timetable which allows them to practice dance every day.

Students of the pre-professional sections coordinated by Françoise Brulebois at the Colmar Youth Club and Arts Center, some of them have since joined professional dance schools.

In my work these dancers represent the freshness, dynamism and beauty of youth, which is the future of any civilization.