Rémy Brauneisen lives in Colmar, a town in the east of France.

It is since 2000 that he has been working towards his aesthetic ideal as a photographer and leading a selective exploration of our collective heritage.


Dreamlike, complex and many-sided, the ideal he strives for is inevitably elusive because, for him, perfection is subjective and extremely rare. It is an ideal which can nevertheless become tangible whenever his attention is focused on the human form.


But his fascination of the infinite subtlety of the human form find meaning in his quest for collective memory. The led exploration could be based, like “Temps Danse, of ballerinas for a journey to this industrial, architectural, ecological or human heritage which we chose to transfer to future generations.


Jean-Luc Boetsch


Writing is a passion – community management


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Industrial photography - architecture, process, products


Company photography - business and group portraits


Heritage photography – heritage, local and land of Alsace

Click the picture to download the PDF of the Agenda 2014 of the town of Colmar

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Light writing